Group accomodation Dekema Gorredijk

The location of the introduction weekend in September, 2019, is the group accomodation Dekema Gorredijk, in Gorredijk. This is a accomodation for a maximum of 66 people and is suitable for large groups of friends, sportgroups or families. There will be only one group at the same time, so we will be the only group staying there during the weekend. Next to the accomodation is also a stable for horses.

On the ground floor is the dining room, the great kitchen and the sanitary facilities. There is a separate sitting area with a tv-video combination. Furthermore, there is a ping-pong table, pool table and a shuffleboard (sjoelbak). There is a sundeck where you can rent a barbecue. There is also a fire pit on the terrace, wood and firelighters are ready to go. Furthermore, a playground, tennis court, basketball board and a small private area in the woods are at your disposal.

On the first floor are three dorms for 16 persons, one dorm for 10 persons, two bedrooms for 2 persons and one bedroom for 4 persons. All the beds are bunk beds. You have to bring your own sleeping bag/duvet, fitted sheet and pillowcase.