Honours College

Honours College

The Honours College gives talented, motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves even more by offering an extra programme (Bachelor 45 ECTS - Master 15 ECTS) that is followed in addition to the regular Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme. You can participate without paying extra tuition fees. The main aim of the Honours programme is to develop talent and initiative.

The Programme has a duration of two and a half year, in which deepening of your regular programme and broadening of knowledge and understanding with a broader view are central themes. On that account the interdisciplinary approach will be very important, next to intensifying the knowledge of your own degree programme. Together with other students from other faculties you will look into scientific and social issues from different disciplinary angles.

Admission to the programme is based on selection, since the number of places (around 350) in the Bachelor’s Honours Programme is limited. The application procedure starts after the first half of the first semester in year 1. Especially good grades are a requirement to qualify for following the programme. In addition, attention is paid to activities besides your study, such as rowing. After the application selection, the programme in year 1 starts quite slowly. The centre of gravity of ECTS obviously lies in year 2, with closure of ‘Summer School’. During this summer school, you go to a destination inside or outside Europe to follow lectures with other students from other faculties. In year 3 you will follow a workshop in which you will further develop the research that has started in the Summer School and you will follow a lecturer and his or her research.

You meet a lot of new people through participating the Honours College. You will learn things about the other faculties. Furthermore, you follow lectures that you would otherwise not be able to follow. These lectures are especially developed for Honours students. You get a lot of personal guidance from experts in their discipline. Besides the substantive programme, there is the Honours College Social Foundation to strengthen the community building between students. With a view on a career, Honours College is of course excellent for your CV!

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