Committees of Commotie

All activities of Commotie are organised by the board or one of the nine committees Commotie has. The nine committees all have their own tasks and are shown on the left side of this page, in alphabetical order. A committee consists of members of Commotie who actively contribute to the association alongside their studies.

What are the tasks of a committee?

Each committee has its own tasks. For example, the Activity Committee organises several social activities, where the Congress Committee works towards one activity: the Commotie Congress. The Media Committee writes and develops the magazine, the Comment, and the Inhouse Day Committee organises several in-house days a year where we visit different companies. More detailed information about the committees and their tasks can be found by selecting a committee from the menu.

Within a committee, every person has its own function. The chairman keeps an overview, monitors the committee and bears the responsibility. The treasurer manages the budget of the committee and the secretary makes minutes of the meetings of a committee. Besides, there are a lot of other functions to distribute which differ per committee. In addition to the individual tasks that each committee member has, the entire group together ensures that everything runs smoothly and professional activities and products are delivered.

Why do you have to be in a committee at Commotie?

On the social level, you retain a huge circle of acquaintances within the association, which can grow into close friendships. In addition, you learn a lot from the tasks you have to perform and it contributes to your CV in a fun way. The things you do are greatly appreciated by the other members, but also by the lecturers within the programme. Depending on the members of your committee, you will meet together, eat, and perhaps have a committee weekend to get to know each other better! There are also various activities where only active members (members who are members of a committee) can participate, like the Active Members Weekend and the Central Committee Assembly. 

A committee does not have to take a lot of time, this depends on the committee, your function within this committee and the time in the year that the activity or activities that you organise take place.

What does a committee offer to Commotie?

The association is what it is thanks to all the active members. They ensure that there are fun and educational activities throughout the year that all members can attend. In this way, everyone can broaden and develop socially and professionally, entirely according to their own wishes.