Lustrum Committee (LustrumCee)

Lustrum Committee (LustrumCee) 

The Lustrum Committee is the committee who will organise the 6th lustrum of Commotie, in honour of the 30th birthday of Commotie. The lustrum will take place in December, 2019, what means this committee exists until then. The programme of the lustrum is filled by the committee, ranging from social to study related activities. In this committee you work on organising a week full of parties and interesting activities with whole (former) Commotie.


LustrumCie 2018-2019

Sanne van Dalen (2015) Chairman
Marc van Eck (2014) PR & Promo / Vice-chairman
Sanne Heitkamp (2014) Treasurer
Simone Machiela (2017) Head activities
Ellis Marskamp (2016) Secretary / Head of schedule
Sander Polling (2018) Head sponsoring
Marieke Veldhoen (2017) Head of speakers

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