In-house Day Committee (In-houseCee)


In-house Day Committee (In-houseCee)

The In-house Day Committee organizes six in-house days in their committee year. During an in-house day, we visit a company in the Netherlands, sometimes in Groningen but also in cities like Amsterdam or The Hague. The goal of these visits is to see in which places you can work later, after your study CIS. During an in-house day, there will be a tour and a lecture given by the company and after that there will be a case about the communication within the company that we will work on.

This way, participating members get a clear picture of what is possible with the study CIS. The In-houseCee searches for possible companies and keeps close contact with companies that are interested in organizing an in-house day.  

In-houseCee 2022-2023

Ilse Betten (2021) Chairman
Juanita Parra Torres (2020) Vice Chairmen & Treasurer
Ana Chetreanu (2022) Secretary
Arina Toxopeus (2022) Head of Promotion