Arts Cooperation Theatre Committee (ACT-Committee)

Arts Cooperation Theatre Committee (ACT-Committee)

The ACT-Committee, or Arts Cooperation Theatre Committee, is the committee that puts its heart and soul into putting theatre on the map. This committee used to be a committee from the study association GHD Ubbo Emmius, but since 2021 it has become a collaboration that includes members of the study associations:

  • Commotie (Marjorie Cuny - PR and Promotion)
  • Esperia (Mai Valk - Secretary)
  • GHD Ubbo Emmius (Ruben Mekkering - Chairman & Paul Zengerink - Treasurer
  • IK (Marieke Voogt - Directors Assistant)

With the help of an amazing director (Hessel Statius Muller)  and enthusiastic actors from all over these associations and the Faculty of Arts, the committee organizes its play. So if you have a heart for theatre, whether its performing or watching it, make sure to keep an eye on this committee throughout the year!


ACT-Committee 2021-2022

Marjorie Cuny (2020) PR and Promotion