Social Activities Committee (SoCee)

Social Activities Committee (SoCee)

The Social Activities Committee organises all monthly socials, introduction activities and the Active Members Weekend (AMW). The monthly socials take place in ’t Golden Fust. Most of the time, the committee chooses a theme or organizes an activity (like beer pong) for the monthly social. Furthermore, the SoCee organises the Active Members Weekend (AMW), that all active members can participate in. This is meant for active members to meet each other and get to know each other. AMW is a weekend that takes place at a certain location (last years: de Riegheide @Schoonoord) full of activities organised by the SoCee.

The SoCee also organises the introduction weekend and new CIS-student activity. These activities are meant for new CIS students (bachelor, pre-master and master) to meet each other and get to know each other. The introduction weekend takes place in September, just before or after the first week of college. The location of the introduction weekend varies every year. Also, a few lecturers participate the introduction weekend for an afternoon. The new CIS student activity is also different every year, and takes place in October.

Besides these activities, the SoCee consists of a delegate for the Prominent in de Tent party, a delegate for the Alphabet party, a delegate for the Gala.


SoCee 2019-2020

Jamyro Haurissa (2014) Chairman
Yvo Heijnen (2019) Deputy Alphabetparty / Head of schedule
Yreen Schuch (2017) Secretary / Vice-chairman
Maaike Wigchers (2019) Deputy Gala
Kim van Gool (2019) Treasurer / Deputy Prominent in de Tent party