Confidential person

What is a confidential person?

Our confidential person is there to give support for the members of our study association. Everything you tell such a person is confidential, which means that all things you mention will be handled discretely. Our confidential person is not a member of Commotie, so they will not be biased in any way if you would like to talk about problems you have encountered within the study association. You can contact the confidential person for any kind of problems (regarding yourself, your studies or within the association), but keep in mind that although they will give the best advice that they can, this is not professional advice. 

This year's confidential person is Mark. He is an international student from the Arts, Culture & Media study programme. Last year, he was the chairman of their study association IK, so he knows more about what it is like leading and being in a study association. Additionally, he has been in close contact with Commotie throughout the last year and therefore has some basic knowledge about our study association already. He has also been a student mentor in the past, so he has experience with helping and supporting students. 

So, if you encounter any problems this year and want some advice or just a listening ear, don't hestitate to contact Mark! 

Mark Zlatkin
P +420 773 535 043