Current board


f.l.t.r.: Nena Willemsen, Avin Ghafor, Nicole Ramos Maximova, Chantal Buursema 

On Tuesday the 17th of September 2019, we, Avin, Nena, Nicole and Chantal were constituted as the 31st board and 6th Lustrum board of Commotie. We hope to make this an amazing year with the association. We have set out the theme Attract, Adapt, Apply in our policy plan and we will use this as a central guideline during our board year.

But what would a board be without the association? Our approximately 200 members, among whom about 40 are active in committees, are the driving force behind the association. A group of enthusiastic active members organize a variety of activities, both study related and social. Congresses, lectures, workshops, in-house days, a trip abroad and the hitchhiking competition are some of the activities our committees organize. We offer our members a broad range of activities that fit both their academic and social interests. 

Below, the contact information of this year's board members is presented. Do you have any (general) questions or do you want to discuss anything with one of the board members? Don't hesitate to contact them!

Avin Ghafor 
P +31 6 11218318  

Nena Willemsen
P +31 6 11985148

Nicole Ramos Maximova 
P +34 722 500520

Chantal Buursema 
Commissioner of External Affairs
P +31 6 412666480

Contact address:

Board 2019-2020

Avin Ghafor (2017) Chairman
Nena Willemsen (2017) Secretary / Vice-chairman
Nicole Ramos Maximova (2019) Treasurer
Chantal Buursema (2018) Commissioner of External Affairs