Current board

f.l.t.r.: Megan Mak, Giovanna Capparelli, Juan Bouzas, Marie Knigge, Merle Kooij

On September 19th 2022 our (Juan's, Marie's, Giovanna's, Megan's and Merle's) year officially began as Commotion’s 34th Board of Commotie. We look forward to working hard with and for all of you to make this year a great one! The central theme we have chosen for this year is “Going Green“, and we will be guided by this theme throughout the year.

We are very happy to have about 240 members and about 40 active members, and we are very excited to see what fun, creative and interesting activities and events they will organise this year. Whether it’s workshops, lectures, in-house days and congresses or social activities, a trip abroad, the tramp competition or whatever else is organised by you, we are sure that your social or academic interests will also be aroused by one of our committees.

Please find below the contact details of this year’s Executive Board. If you have feedback or questions about an activity, the club, your study or anything else, feel free to contact one of them!

Board 2022-2023

Juan Bouzas Bermudez (2020) Chairman
Marie Knigge (2021) Secretary
Giovanna Capparelli Daquer (2021) Treasurer
Megan Mak (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Merle Kooij (2020) Commissioner of External Affairs/Vice-Chairman

Juan Bouzas
P: +31 6 18838799

Marie Knigge
P: +49 15770368627

Giovanna Capparelli 
P: + 31 6 28729898

Megan Mak
Commissioner of Internal Affairs
P: +31 6 27344766

Merle Kooij
Commissioner of External Affairs
T: +31 6 44812939