About Commotie

The study association for all communication students in Groningen!

Commotie is the study association for people who are interested in communication and for all students enrolled in a communication programme in Groningen. Most of its members are students of the bachelor Communication and Information Studies (CIS) at the University of Groningen.

Commotie started as SVOB, Study Association for Government and Business Communication. SVOB was founded in 1989 by Mr. Oussaid, lecturer of CIS, and a couple of enthusiastic students. The idea behind the new association was to ensure that the communication students of Groningen could get something extra out of their study time. In 2007 the study Government and Business Communication changed to Communication and Information Studies. From that moment on, the association also continued under a new name, which fitted in better with the image of the study and association: Commotie was born.

​A social and active association
Commotie is a social and active association with both study related and social activities. Commotie has around 240 members including 40 active members. These active members are the beating heart behind all activities including our parties, the introduction camp and the trip abroad. Furthermore, Commotie has an annual Almanac, this website full of photos, articles and summaries, a LinkedIn account, an Instagram page and a Facebook page

Study related activities
By offering study related activities, Commotie wants to give students the opportunity to work on their future and make a connection between theory and practice. Commotie organises for example company visits, workshops and a career event, so that members get a clear picture of their possible future job. In the past we have already visited companies like NOS, DUO, NU.nl, GGZ Friesland and SAMEEN. In addition, Commotie organises two yearly conferences, the ComMa conference and the Commotie conference, where students and people from the professional field can meet. Furthermore, we visit international companies and universities during our yearly trip abroad. In recent years, we went to Bucharest (Romania), Dublin (Ireland) and Lisbon (Portugal).

Sale of study books
Commotie also provides book sales for CIS students: at Commotie you receive up to 10% discount on all of the textbooks. Twice a year, we find out for you which books you need. You can easily order your books via the website and have them delivered to your home. 

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