Columni is since 1996 the alumni association for former students at the University of Groningen in the field of communication: Communication and Information Studies (bachelor), Communication Science, Communication and Education, Computer Communication, Information Science or Digital Humanities (masters), General Arts, variant Communication, Documentation and Information, Dutch Language and Literature, specialization in Language Control, Internal and External Communication of Organizations.

What does Columni do?
Columni organises, often in cooperation with Commotie, a couple of activities each year, such as lectures and workshops. These activities are professionally interesting for our members and offer the opportunity to make contact with former fellow students. The activities always have a relationship with the study or the university. Through a digital newsletter we keep our members informed of activities and other relevant news.

Become a member?
If you want to become a member, please send an email to Then we will add you to our membership file. And you will become a member of our LinkedIn group.

More information
If you want more information about Columni, you can go to our website

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