Pre-MSc Marketing

A Pre-MSc Marketing during your bachelor?

Yes, you can do that! Are you overly interested in marketing, just like me? Then this minor slash pre-master might be the thing for you.

First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Marc. At this very moment of writing, I hold the age of 21 and am currently enrolled in my fourth year of my bachelor. I could have finished my bachelor within three years, but then I came across the marketing masters. Instantly, I knew that a marketing master would be the right master for me. One problem: you cannot enrol in a master program of the faculty of economics and business with a CIS degree. Luckily for me, and possibly for you, you can do a tailor-made pre-master program that takes only 40 ECTS instead of the usual 60 ECTS. This and a board year caused some delay during my bachelor, but it was worth it.

What are you going to do in those 40 ECTS, you ask? Quite some different courses! The pre-master is diverse. For example, you will follow a first-year course to get hold of all the basics. But more specific courses are in the program, like digital marketing of behavioural decision making. The latter will teach you how and why people make choices within seconds, and how that comes handy for marketing. And, you will follow courses that you will not find at the faculty of arts. For example, mathematics and business research methods. Yes, math again. For the Dutch, you will get the equivalent of ‘wiskunde B’. For the non-Dutch, prepare for some natural logarithms. As I followed mathematics ‘A’ in high school, I did not have any experience with logarithms. Luckily, the course is not that impossible as it sounds and with some hard work, you can work through it. Business research methods gives you a deeper understanding of statistics, as you will write and calculate by hand. No SPSS, just you and your calculator. Good thing about this course is that you can take everything you want to the exam, including the book and a list with formulas. The saying goes that if you survive the pre-MSc, the master itself will be dealt with quite easily. 

Still interested in the program after seeing the words mathematics and more statistics? Nice! Taking courses at another faculty gave me new insights and new perspectives. Within the bachelor, you can either do the program as a minor with some extra courses in your free space, or fill up your free space with marketing courses. This is something you should discuss with the study advisors, as they can tell you what is best for you. Not sure if marketing is the thing for you? Try the CIS course marketing communications, or go to the ComMa congress, a communication and marketing congress organized by Commotie and MARUG.

Still questions? Feel free to send me a message!


And hey, did you made the marceting joke yet?