Become an active member

Committee experience at Commotie 

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to do something extra besides your study CIS? Do you want to work on organising activities for members of Commotie? Do you want to meet many new people and cooperate with a group of other students for one year? Become an active member in one of our committees!

Unforgettable socials and parties, interesting workshops and lectures, the Hitchhike Weekend, the introduction weekend, the Almanac and the media publications are examples of activities and products that are organised and made by our active members.

Every year in September, new committee members are recruited and formed in committees to organise activities for the members of Commotie for one academic year. The active members come together once in a while for a meeting or just do something fun with each other.

First of all, active membership is rewarded by a great experience and a broad network.. Furthermore, Commotie organises an Active Members Weekend in November where you will have a lot of fun with the other active members. 

Committee Market
Almost all the committees start in the middle of September, at the beginning of the academic year. An exception is the ComMa Committee, which will be formed in March. 

At the beginning of September, you can apply for one of the committees during the Committee Market. This is a market where the chairmen of the committees will give you more information about all of the committees. Besides, you can have a conversation with the chairmen and have some kind of ‘job interview’ to apply for a committee. At the end, you can fill in your preferences for a certain committee on the sign-up sheet. After the Committee Market, everyone who applied will be informed as soon as possible to let them know in which committee they will be that year. Then, the committees are formed!

Half year active membership
Are you studying abroad for a semester, do you have an internship or do you have another reason why you can’t be in Groningen for a semester? Do you regret the decision of not becoming an active member in the first half year? You can always contact the Commissioner of Internal Affairs and together we can look for the possibilities for a half year active membership!

More questions about the active membership? The Commissioner of Internal Affairs will happily answer all of your questions! You can send your question to: