Board year at Commotie

Information about a board year

What exactly means doing a board year? And how much time will it cost you being a board member? On this page you can discover what a board year at Commotie looks like! The current board, Study Advisor of CIS & Advisory Council member Aletta Westra-Hofstee and Professor & Head of the clusterboard of CIS Tom Koole will tell you all you need to know about a board year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the current board via

How to apply?

On the 20th of April there will be a general information evening about doing a board year. On this evening, the current board will give information about being a board member and they will tell you all about their functions. Besides, you can ask anything you want to know about a board year during this evening.

Do you prefer a personal chat with one of the board members? You can contact us by sending an email or texting us. 

You can apply from March 30st on, by sending your resume and motivation letter to The application deadline is May 31st, 2020. Don't forget to mention and explain your function preferences!

In general

Being the board means you are the beating heart of the association: you're responsible for everything within the association. You have to take responsibility towards others outside of the association and you are one of the contact persons for external parties. One of your responsibilities as the board is to offer a variety of activities to your members. This also means that you have to be present at every activity. Besides, you implement your policy throughout the year. In your candidate period you write a policy plan together with your candidate board members and once this is accepted you're the new board and you can start carrying out your new ideas. 
You carry out a lot of tasks who aren't always visible for your members. Examples are meetings with other parties and activities with other associations or boards in Groningen or The Netherlands. During your board year you meet a lot of different new people and your social network expands a lot! Besides, you gain a lot of practical experience during your board year, which can be very useful for your future. You learn, for example, to plan and organize events and to collaborate with a lot of different people. A board year is the perfect opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally!

As you can tell, or already knew, being the board will cost you some time. But, don't worry! You're able to study besides your board tasks, because a board year at Commotie is only part time. You can compare it to a part time job and this means you won't spend all of your time on Commotie. Depending on your function and if you want some study delay or not, you can keep following your courses. It is up to yourself how many courses you want to follow per block during your board year, and you can also decide for yourself when you'll work on your board to do's. This makes it very flexible and gives you time and space for other things such as studying, work, sports or social activities. And, last but not least, you'll get a refund from the University for your board year. So, besides developing yourself and gaining experience, you'll also earn some money!

Function specific

Every function within the board has its own specific tasks and activities. These are not always visible for members and therefore, the current board will explain to you what their functions contain and tell you about their tasks. 

Chairman '19-'20 Avin Ghafor

As the Chairman of Commotie you are the face of the association. You have the responsibility over taking the final decision on matters within the association, but also towards external parties.

Being the Chairman is different everyday and your tasks can vary in any situation. A member might not see all of the tasks that are being done, because most of it happens behind the scenes, but you are still the face of the association. This means that you give a lot of presentations and talks throughout the year during the General Members Assemblies, introduction days, Bachelor awards and student-for-a-day days. Furthermore, I lead the weekly board meetings and the four Advisory Council meetings.

As mentioned above, there is also a lot of contact with external parties. I attend the Study Association Assemblies of the Faculty of Arts and stay in contact with our sister associations from over the Netherlands during our monthly Skype meetings. Staying in contact with the department of CIS is very important to know what is going on within the program and students, therefore the Commissioner of External Affaris and I have bimonthly talks with the Program Coordinator of CIS and attend the staff meeting around four times a year.

This year I am responsible for updating our LinkedIn with our alumni group (Columni) about all of our study-related activities. Besides that, I also update Career Services on our study-related activities.

Behind the scenes, the Chairman is busy with guiding the rest of the board and keeping track of the policy that was written at the very beginning of our board year. I make sure that we are taking the steps to carry out our policy as good as possible and motivate the board to do so by helping and supporting them wherever needed. As the Chairman you will have to keep an overview and keep in contact with your board to know what is going on at all times. If things do not work out or are not happening, you should not be afraid to be strict.

The overall experience of doing a board year is what it is all about in the end. You learn so much from each other and the situations you go through. You make mistakes, learn from them and solve them together with your board that you get to know intensively. Even though you have a lot of responsibilities, you also get to know many different people, network with various companies and experience a lot of gezelligheid! I am sure that when I look back at my year as the Chairman, I will be proud of what we have accomplished and will look back at a special time in my student life.

​If you ever have any questions or want to sit down for a coffee or beer to talk about doing a board year at Commotie, don’t hesitate to contact me!



Secretary '19-'20 Nena Willemsen

Being the Secretary means you're responsible for all internal and external communication of the association. This means you have a lot of different tasks. My main task is to keep the board mail up to date and to answer incoming emails. Besides the board mail, I work a lot with direct mail to inform our members about upcoming activities and other important information. Commotie members also receive the monthly newsletter, written and designed by me. I spend a lot of time writing emails which I think is a nice way to put some communication skills I've learned during my first and second year of CIS into practice. 

Besides writing emails, one of my main tasks is to write the minutes during every meeting we have as the board. This means our regular board meetings, but also during CCA's, General Members Assemblies and Advisory Council meetings. As you can tell, I use my laptop a lot this year and my typingskills have improved a lot! 

Another aspect of the Secretary's duties is to keep track of the member administration. This means you process all new registrations and help new members where necessary. Besides this, I manage the website. I am responsible for having every activity online, uploading pictures of activities and basically everything that needs to be changed. You won't tell but this is actually one of my biggest tasks. It is very educational and fun to work with systems and programs for websites. This may sound hard but don't worry, you'll be taught how do it!

To sum up: as the Secretary you have a lot of different tasks that have to do with the internal and external communication of the association. Internal communication especially means all contact with your members via direct mail, external communication means keeping the website up to date and having contact with other parties via email. You can put your writing- and communication skills into practice by writing emails and pieces for the website, which is very useful for a communication student (in my opinion).

Besides these function specific tasks, doing a board year is also a lot of fun and I can already feel that I've developed myself personally and professionally. I've learned to collaborate, organize events, to plan and a lot of other skills that I think will be very beneficial for my future! The fun part of being in the board is that you broaden your network because you meet a lot of new people and you have a lot of socials and parties. So it's not all serious business! 

If you have any questions regarding my function, please feel free to text me and I would love to have a chat with you to answer all your questions!

Treasurer '19-'20 Nicole Ramos Maximova

Being the Treasurer means that you are in charge of every financial affair happening in the association. 

You keep track of the transactions and payments happening in the board account. Such transactions include firstly, the monthly debt collection. Every month activities take place and you are responsible to arrange a debt collction to debit the money from the participants accounts, corresponding to the activites they have attended. Other important affairs happening are the payment and sending of invoices. Invoices are received and have to be paid when external parties have offered us some sort of service. On the other hand when Commotie provides a service to third parties, the treasurer makes sure an invoice is sent to those. Payments for accountancy programmes or banking costs are also your responsibility. 

As the person in charge of Commotie's money, you also have to follow up and assist if necesessary the other treasurers taking resposibility for the committees. Keeping track of how the committee treasurers are using their budgets is important so a smooth financial year can happen without any troubles.

Being a treasurer means that money is your responsibility and you have to keep Commotie smoothly running regarding financial affairs! You need to be caring, persistant and not ignorant to have a good overview of incoming and outgoing money, and the reasons for those.

By being the treasurer my decision making, organizational and financial related skills have been busted! It has also shaped and helped prepare myself towards my professional future.

If you have questions on how to be a good treasurer you can contact me sending an email to:



Commissioner of Internal Affairs '18-'19 Chiel Visser

Since we only have four board members this year, we have divided the tasks of the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. Therefore, Chiel, the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the 30st board will tell you about the function!

Your main task as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs is to keep an overview of the progress of all committees. You have to be up to date of all business within every committee so you can inform your fellow board members about this during the weekly board meetings. To get a good insight of all that's happening within the committees, you have a lot of contact with every committee chairman. Being the Commissioner of Internal Affairs you'll read the minutes of committee meetings and sometimes you join a meeting. This is the best way to stay up to date! Besides guiding the committees, you're the contact person for all members. This means you spend a lot of time texting people. 

Sometimes, there are situations that you have to be very strict with people, so you shouldn't to be afraid to come to the point when you have to. 

Another main taks of being the Commissioner of Internal Affairs is to schedule and guide chairmen meetings two times a year. During these meetings you share information and ideas with committee chairmen. Besides these meetings you also have individual chats or evaluations with chairmen to discuss what is going well and what can or should improve. 

As the Commissioner of Internal Affairs you are responsible for the Central Committee Assemblies (CCA) every first Tuesday of the month. During these meetings, committees give an update about what they have been doing the past month. You're responsible for presenting and keeping committees up to date. Besides, you're responsible for keeping track of the Committee Competition score and everything that has to do with this, such as the Facebook group. 

Your week as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs is never the same. Sometimes your week is pretty busy with a lot of activities and appointments, but on the other hand you can have pretty quiet weeks in which you don't have to arrange much. This variety makes your job as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs a bit intensitive but also a lot of fun! Due to this variety, I can do a lot of other things besides my regular tasks. 

My function is challenging and therefore never boring. You have a lot of contact with a lot of people, which means you also meet a lot of new people. You learn a lot from organizing activities and you can be very proud of a committee when they're doing a good job. Last thing I want to say is that because of my function I could get the most out of my board year, and it made my board year a great success! 

Commissioner of External Affairs '19-'20 Chantal Buursema

As the Commissioner of External Affairs,  you are responsible for the collaboration between Commotie and external parties. These parties are companies, other (study) associations and departments of the university. A very important part of collaboration with companies is acquisition, or ‘’sponsoring’’. You will look for interesting companies with which you can start a partnership. In return for a partnership, Commotie will receive financial support or other deals/discounts.

In this way, you get into contact with a lot of different people and you will go to a lot of different places. You will have regular appointments with people from the working field. This might help you to get into contact with your future employer! Besides this, it’s just really awesome to come up with a great new deal which can be beneficial for the whole association!

Besides the contact with companies, you will work together with several other associations. If Commotie wants to set up a new collaboration with another study association, you are the person who will get into contact with them. You will be the main contact person between both associations. Adding to this, you will also be involved in the  organization of multiple collaborative activities such as the Alphabet Party and the Esgalatie. Being a part of the organization of these parties is a great way to get to know people from other associations and other boards from different studies and faculties.

Adding to this, you are in contact with Career Services and you take care of the Book Sale of Commotie. For this, you make sure to stay in close contact with StudyStore, our book partner. You also organize the annual Career Event together with the StuCee. This is because you are in contact with a lot of interesting companies or alumni who might be suited speakers for the Career Event.

     In short: as the External Affairs of SV Commotie you will have a lot of different contact with different people which makes your job different and variated every day! You have the freedom to come up with new ideas for great collaborations. You can put all your creativity into coming up with new, interesting collaborations. My network has grown amazingly in the last year and I love that I have met all these new people, thanks to my function. As the External Affairs, you can really put yourself in the middle of the professional market, right between other professionals.

So are you socially strong, can you represent Commotie for external parties and do you have the drive to come up with new collaborations and ideas? Then you should definitely become the next Commissioner of External Affairs!



Aletta Westra-Hofstee, Study Advisor of CIS

As the study advisor, I benefit a lot from good and active board members. I am often in contact with the board of Commotie because of some of the (introduction)activities that we organize together. Board members also know how to find me for all kinds of questions regarding for example the organization of activities.

As a board member you learn a lot: networking, organizing, planning, how to switch quickly between situations, managing and cooperating. You get an insight in board business and how (big) organizations are managed. These skills will help you in the rest of your life with job interviews.

The combination between a board year and your studies is not always easy. Are you still doubting whether you want to do a board year? Then a meeting with the study advisor might help you to figure things out and come up with a good schedule for the coming year!


Tom Koole, Professor CIS

For the lecturers of CIS and for the board of the CIS department, it is really important to have a well-run study association around like Commotie. Commotie makes sure that CIS is not just a program with courses, exams and a diploma at the end. Instead, they give you a social environment in which you can undertake activities with your fellow-students which aren’t necessarily communication related (socials and parties are very important). Instead, these activities can really help to give you a different perspective on your studies, like the trip abroad, the communication congress and the pub lectures. 

For a student, a board year is an enriching experience. You will have regular meetings with other study associations, the student member of the faculty board and the department board. This will give you a lot of understanding of what is happening in and outside of the faculty and the university, also from the perspective of the lecturers. You will organize activities together with other communication associations from all over The Netherlands. In short: you will not only develop board experience, but you will also broaden your perspective and (important for the job market later), you’ll enhance content of your cv.