Activities Committee (ActiviCee)


Activities Committee (ActiviCee)

The ActiviCee is the Activities Committee and organises major social activities. The committee organises 7 activities during the academic year. In recent years, for example, a cocktail workshop, a pole dance workshop, lasergaming and a trampoline activity took place. Furthermore, the ActiviCee organises a pubquiz together with study association ZaZa (from Dutch language and culture).

One of the major activities of the ActiviCee is the Weekend away. In couples, many Commotie members visit a city in Europe. In recent years, for example, we have visited Frankfurt, Bruges, Ghent and Brussel.

ActiviCee 2022-2023

Niki Georgopoulos (2020) Chairman
Linde Huistede (2022) Secretary
Lujendel Joël Zieck (2021) Treasurer