web class tutor for CIS

Vacancy: CIS web class tutor 

We are looking for a passionate web class tutor for the CIS study programme. 

What are web classes? 

The web classes are an opportunity for Dutch and international high school students and people interested in the UG Bachelor programme to prepare for their academic career at the UG. By participating in one or more web classes the students gain insights in the topics that they will study in one of the UG programmes. In this way the students form an idea of what to expect from the programmes they enrolled in so that they will be better prepared to choose their preferred UG programme. A web class lasts for four weeks. 

The students that are enrolled in the CIS web class, have to fulfill weekly assignments, at level BA1, concerning a topic of one of the CIS BA courses. Students will read articles or watch video lectures, work on their assignment and submit their work for assessment. After four weeks, students will receive a certificate if they passed all four CIS topics. Each year there are two rounds of web classes with a duration of 4 weeks: one in November, and one in March. 

Your tasks as a tutor: 

  • Updating CIS webclass content (provided by CIS staff members) for the web class Brightspace site 
  • Writing emails and announcements to keep the students informed throughout the duration of web class 
  • Providing the students with constructive feedback and grading the weekly assignments of the students (based on answering sheets provided by CIS staff members) - Answering students’ questions about any CIS related topics: the web class, the CIS programme, the assignments etc. 
  • Writing evaluation reports after webclasses, thinking about and working on potential improvements for the CIS webclass 

Who are you? 

  • You are a BA or MA student of CIS and are available for at least a year ie. two webclass rounds 
  • You are interested in education and maybe you want to do a training in education yourself 
  • You are capable of providing constructive feedback (and also receiving!) - You know how to connect to and act constructively in communications with high school students 
  • You are proactively able to formulate, design and implement improvements for content and organization of the web class programme in collaboration with the web class coordinator
  • What do we offer? 
  • A flexible contract for 1 year at the department Communication, Career & Society at the Faculty of Arts 
  • Flexible hours, you can work from home 
  • The opportunity to work in education within the CIS context with (high schools) students to find out if you want to advance in that direction 

If you are interested in this vacancy please send your CV and cover letter before 5 June 2023 to f.dickert@rug.nl (Further questions can also be sent to this address).