Marte de Vries

1.    Who are you?

Heeeello, my name is Marte and I’m 21 years old.

2.    What do you do?

I study Communication- and information sciences and I’m a member of the SoCee. I also work at Pepperminds, a sales company. Yes, I’m that annoying person in the Herestraat that asks you difficult questions when the only thing you want to do is going to the HEMA for a hotdog. But, I really like it!


3.    Why are you a member of Commotie?

I live in a house with three other Commotie members, so I didn’t have a choice. No regrets <3. Our house is called “Damsterhol” and it’s the only Commotie house! 


4.    Are you an active member as well?

Yes, for three years now! In my second year I was in the RedakCee, last year I was in the TravelCee and this year I’m very happy to call myself a member of the SoCee.


5. How do your friends call you?

Mattn, Mimi, Mimimattn or Mimimimimattn. 

6. To which animal do you relate most?

Sometimes people say I look like a Koala. I read on the internet that this animal has social contact for only 15 minutes a day, this sounds like everything but me. But, the animal looks very huggable and soft. I think I relate to the Koala because it always happens that when people touch my cheeks, they touch them again because they’re so soft. Feel free to try sometime xx 


8.    What are you most proud of?

That I’m family of “Grutte Pier”. Pier Gerlofs Donia (ca. 1480 – 28 October 1520) was a Frisian rebel leader and pirate. He is best known by his West Frisian nickname Grutte Pier ('Big Pier') which referred to his legendary size and strength. I think this is why I’m always lifting my friends in the air when I’m drunk. My personal record is 96 kg, which I’m also very proud of. 


9. What’s your favorite spot in Groningen?

DE WOLTIEEE (aka Wolter Wolthers), my favorite bar in Groningen.

10. what did you want to be when growing up?

When I was little I wanted to be a cliniclown. I was four years old and in a relationship with Bauke. Our plan was to get married and become a cliniclown couple. Unfortunately this didn’t work out. The reason that I ended up at Commotie..

11. What’s your favorite way of spending your free time?

My favorite way of spending my free time is to play the piano and to sing (I’m sorry Damsterhol). I also often go to concerts or festivals with my friends. And when I have nothing important to do the next day, you can find me in the Woltie. I also love to spend time with the “UkCie”, or underground committee. Especially the nights we had at Rik’s, are memorable.

12. What ability do you really want to have?

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to start writing my own songs. I hope that I’m able to do this in the future, and maybe even perform them. My dream is to perform, like Famke Louise, with Dutch rappers, for example Ronnie Flex.


13. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

That I listen to Famke Louise, Frans Duijts (French German, Dutch singer) and Django Wagner and Malibu cola.

14. What don’t you like?

Extremely noisy hand dryers in bathrooms.. they sometimes do not even dry your hands!!!!

15. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope that in 5 years I’m making programs for BNN. My dream is to become the new Geraldine Kemper and to travel all over the world for television programs. When this doesn’t work out, I think I’ll reconsider a career as a Cliniclown or singer. 

16. Which Commotie member would you vote for to become president?

I would vote for Lardlard, because he’s a legend. Even though he’s a ginger, I think he has a prettier soul than everyone on this planet. On this picture you can see him at his best, how cute!


17. Which two members of Commotie should go on a date?

 Harwin and Bente. It’s about time, Harwin…

18. To whom do you want to pass on the keyboard and why?

I want to pass on the keyboard to Rik Batenburg. He always flees to his house during the monthly social. Most of the time this is because he’s already too drunk. People who don’t know him never get the chance to talk to him. So Rik, tell us about yourself. 

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