Congress Committee (CongressCee)

Congress Committee (CongressCee)

The CongressCee provides the annual Commotie Congress where members can make contact with people from the field of work of communication and expand their network. The members of this committee are busy for almost a year looking for interesting speakers who fit the theme and provide interactive workshops through which members of Commotie can gain practical experience. Furthermore, they are busy promoting the congress, searching for possible companies that want to sponsor the event and provide a nice goodie bag for during the event.

This year, it's going to be an even more exciting year for the CongressCee, because they are organizing the National Day of Communication instead of the regular Commotie Congress!


CongressCee 2021-2022

Puck Janssen (2019) Chairman / Head of Logistics
Ilse Betten (2021) Vice-chairman / Secretary / Head of Promotion
Niek Bosch (2020) Treasurer
Jelma van der Werff (2022) Head of Sponsoring