Annemijn Kleissen

Annemijn Kleissen

"For me the Honours College is a way of going deeper into the content of my own faculty, but mostly to gain some knowledge about a discipline that goes beyond my own faculty."


When I started my first year of Communication and Information Studies, I noticed that I wanted to go deeper into the material than what was taught me in my major. I got an invitation for applying to the Honours College, so I did some research. That is how I found out that you also have to choose courses from faculties that were not your own. This made me very enthusiastic. This meant that I could also learn about Psychology and Law if I wanted to. I could broaden my horizon and that was exactly what I was looking for. Apart from deepening and broadening courses, you also have to follow some general skill modules  like: Effective Teamwork or Debating.

Because of the Honours College I got the opportunity to get to know people outside my own discipline and even people with different nationalities. Their perspective on things can influence your own perspective and that can be very interesting sometimes. Beside this advantages, the Honours College is also a very good addition to your resume.

So, do you want to challenge yourself with following some extra courses (within your own faculty and other faculties) and do you like to meet new people from other disciplines and nationalities?  Then maybe the Honours College is something for you!