Club of 25

What is the Club of 25?

The Club of 25 is a donorship for people who want to make a small donation of €25,- to support Commotie. These donations are used to organise study related activities and improve them. Examples of study related activities are lectures, workshops, inhouse days and congresses. With lectures and workshop we want to offer our members the possibility to learn more and deeper about subjects they like, and enhance their professional skills. During inhouse days we visit companies to show our members what possible places there are to work after finishing the study CIS. The donations from the Club of 25 will not be used for social activities like monthly drinks and parties.

Examples of activities that have been realized with donations from the Club of 25 are a lecture from Microsoft about artificial intelligence. An example of an inhouse day is a visit to GGZ Friesland where we learned about how they communicate, both with their workers and with people in the outside world.


Members of the Club of 25 receive a newsletter about activities that have been organized with the help of their donations 3 to 4 times a year. In these newsletters there is also an overview of the upcoming activities. As a member of the Club of 25 you are welcome to join the activities that have been realized with your donation. 

One year

You will only be a member of the Club of 25 for the duration of one year. You do not need to terminate your membership. At the end of the year you are able to extend your membership, again with the duration of one year. A few weeks before your membership ends you will receive an email about extending your membership.

Interested or in need of more information?

Would you like to get more information about the Club of 25 or would you like to become a member and donate €25,- to Commotie? Please contact us via