Welcome to the website of Study Association Commotie!

Commotie is the study association for all Communication students in Groningen. Joining Commotie assures you to get the most out of your student life because we organize a wide range of educational and social activities.

We provide numerous activities, such as in-house days at appealing companies (e.g. GGZ Friesland and NU.nl), lectures, workshops, socials, a trip abroad and many other fun activities, which our members can mostly join for free. Members also get access to all of the fun and interesting MediaCee publications, like blogs, vlogs, articles, interviews, etc. Furthermore, our members get up to 15% discount on their study books and several discounts at restaurants, stores and other things in Groningen.

Everything you do within the association is your own choice. Nothing is obligated, but if you want to do more there are multiple ways to develop yourself. For example you can join one of our committees to gain experience in organizing activities and events! 

Have you gotten curious about what we have to offer? Click here for more information. Do you want to get the most out of your student life as a communication student? Click here to become a member of Commotie!


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