ComMa Committee

ComMa committee

The ComMa Congress is an event organised in cooperation with MARUG, the marketing association of the University of Groningen. The event is particularly suitable for students interested in marketing as well as communication, since the objective of this event is to underline the common grounds between these two disciplines. This one-day event will include lectures and workshops with around 80 students taking part. This committee offers an ideal chance to broaden your horizon to other disciplines and to get to know people from other faculties.

For six months, from March to October, you will be busy organizing the ComMa Congress, which takes place in October. Together with four other students from the Faculty of Arts or FEB you are responsible for creating a creative theme which covers both topics: marketing and communication. In addition, you will spend some of your time booking lectures and workshops for this one-day event. The committee consists of both Dutch and English-speaking students. 

The committee consists of the following functions:

  • Chairman: you are responsible for the planning and meetings, guiding the cooperation within the committee, setting deadlines and keeping an overview of the tasks that need to be done. 

  • External relations: your main task is arranging workshops. This means you have a lot of contact with companies. 

  • Treasurer & Day organization: you are responsible for the budget, aquisition, the location and the day planning. Experience in economics can be useful but is not required! 

  • Theme and speakers: your main task is coming up with a theme for the congress and finding suited speakers who are connected to the theme. 

  • PR & promotion: you are responsible for designing and providing promotion material, attracting participants to the congress and of course, social media.