Social: Meet the candis


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Board 2019-2020
Date and time
Jul 1, 2020 13:00 - 17:00
't Gat van Groningen

Social: Meet the candis


Finally, after months of not physically seeing each other, we arranged an activity on the 1st of July! This will be a social where you are able to meet the 32nd Candidate board in real life!! We are allowed to do this with a maximum of 25 people, so sign up quickly if you want to be there! The social takes place at 't Gat and will start at 13:00. It has to end at 17:00 because of another reservation. Of course you can go somewhere else afterwards, but that's up to you.  

Disclaimer: YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP! We don't want to put 't Gat or ourselves in a position where we can get fined. We aren't allowed to be there with more than 25 persons, so you can't come if you haven't signed up! Besides, we all want to stay healty, so only sign up if you feel healty and if you (or your roommates) haven't had fever or a cold in the past 14 days. 


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