Integration Activity: Sinterklaas


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Dec 1, 2020, 12:00:00 AM

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Date and time
Dec 3, 2020 19:30 - 21:30

Integration Activity: Sinterklaas

On the 3rd of December, it's time for the first integration activity of the year! We will celebrate the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas together, and have a real 'pakjesavond', as the Dutch call it. The board will play the role of Sinterklaas and Piet, and will bring you presents and pepernoten. You will also receive a personal poem from Sinterklaas. At 19:30, we will start a livestream where everyone can open their presents and read out loud their poem. In this way, everyone can experience a typical Dutch pakjesavond and internationals can become familiar with it as well!


  • The activity will cost max. €5.
  • Make sure you are at home (in Gronginen) during the day on the 3rd of December, because Sinterklaas will visit you to deliver your presents! If you already know that you won't be home the whole day, but still want to participate, please send a text to +31 6 46494998
  • If you are not in Groningen during the day of the activity, Sinterklaas is unfortunately not able to bring you a present. However, he can still send you a creative poem and you don't have to pay for the activity.
  • When you sign up, please write down a nice fact about yourself to help Sinterklaas with writing the poem. 
  • You can join this activity in groups of 4, since the corona measures allow us to invite 3 people at home. Please don't violate the corona rules!


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