Committee Market

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Active members
Board 2018-2019
Date and time
Sep 11, 2018 12:00 - 14:00
Expositie zaal @ The Harmony Building

Committee Market

In just a few weeks, the academic year 2018-2019 will kick off! That means the board has started their search for enthusiastic members that are interested in becoming an active member by taking place in one of the many committees Commotie has to offer.

Depending on the committee, you will organize a congress, a trip abroad, the introduction weekend, inhouse days, a hitchhiking competition, lustrum and many other activities. You will undoubtedly learn a lot and also have a great time!  

Being in a committee is a very valuable experience with respect to meeting other members of Commotie at socials, parties and other activities organized specially for active members. It is also a great way to develop yourself professionally and work on your resumé!

At the Committee Market, you can apply for a position within a committee. You will meet the chairman of the committee and have a short conversation to get to know each other and to explain why you would like to apply for that particular committee and/or position.

The Committee Market takes place on Thursday, September 11 from 12:00h to 14:00h, at the Exposition room in the Harmony Complex.

If you can’t attend the Committee Market, but do want to apply for a committee, please send an email to with a short motivation letter attached in which you explain which committee and position you would like to apply for. You can apply for one of these committees:

  • Activity Committee (AkCie)
  • Almanac Committee (AlmanakCie)
  • Congress Committee (CongresCie)
  • Inhouse day Committee (PrakCie)
  • Lustrum Committee (LustrumCie)
  • Media Committee (MediaCie)
  • Social Activities Committee (SoCie)
  • Study Committee (StuCie)
  • Travel Committee (ReisCie)


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