Committee Market

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Active members
Board 2018-2019
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Sep 11, 2018 12:00 - 14:00
Expositie zaal @ The Harmony Building

Committee Market

The academic year 2018-2019 kicked off! This means the board has started their search for enthusiastic members that are interested in becoming an active member by joining one of the many committees Commotie has to offer.

Depending on the committee, you will organize a congress, a trip abroad, the introduction weekend, in-house days, a hitchhiking competition, the lustrum and many other activities. Being in a committee is a very valuable experience with respect to meeting other members of Commotie at socials, parties and other activities organized specially for active members. It is also a great way to develop yourself professionally and work on your resumé.

At the Committee Market, you can apply for a position within a committee. You will meet the chairman of the committee and have a short conversation to get to know each other and to explain why you would like to apply for that particular committee and/or position. 

The Committee Market will take place place on Tuesday, September 11 from 12:00h to 14:00h, at the Exposition room in the Harmony Complex.

If, for valid reasons (like an internship or studying abroad), you are studying in Groningen for only one semester, you can still apply for a position within a committee. If you are only able to participate in the first semester, you can apply at the Committee Market. If you are only able to participate in the second semester, this is also possible. More information about applying for the second semester will follow. Note: this possibility is not for all the committee. Interested in this possibility? You can send an email to:

If you can’t attend the Committee Market, but want to apply for a committee, please send an email to In this email, you have to write a short motivation letter in which you explain which committee and position you would like to apply for. You can apply for one of the following committees:

  • Activities Committee: The Activities Committee organises major social activities. The committee organises seven activities during the academic year. In recent years, for example, a cocktail workshop, a pole dance workshop, lasergaming and a  trampoline activity. Furthermore, the Activities Committee organises a pubquiz together with study associations TW!ST (from Linguistics) and ZaZa (from Dutch language and culture) and the Hitchhiking Weekend is also a very popular activity what the committee organises. 
  • Almanac Committee: The Almanac Committee takes care of the Almanac, a yearbook, of Commotie every year. The members of this committee write articles and collect stories from committees, brother and sister associations. They are also involved in the design of this beautiful book and they make sure that every member of Commotie has memories of that academic year.
  • Congress Committee:The Congress Committee provides the annual Commotie Congress where members can make contact with people from the field of communication and expand their network. The members of this committee are busy for almost a year looking for interesting speakers who fit the theme and provide interactive workshops through which members of Commotie can gain practical experience.
  • In-house day Committee*: The In-house day Committee organises six in-house days in a committee year. During an in-house day, we visit a company in the Netherlands, sometimes in Groningen but also in cities like Amsterdam or The Hague. The goal of these visits is to see in which places you can work later, after your study CIS. During an in-house day, there will be a tour and a lecture given by the company and after that there will be a case about the communication within the company.
  • Lustrum Committee: The Lustrum Committee is the committee who will organise the 6th lustrum of Commotie, in honour of the 30th birthday of Commotie. The lustrum will take place in December 2019, what means this committee exists until then. The programme of the lustrum is filled by the committee, ranging from social to study related activities. In this committee you work on organising a week full of parties and interesting activities with whole (former) Commotie.
  • Media Committee: The Media Committee is the committee who publishes 10 monthly items related to communication or Commotie. These items can be blogs, vlogs, articles and interviews. The committee will come up with ideas and themes, write the items and design them as well. The items will be published on the website and social media of Commotie. In addition, they take care of separate articles that appear on the website of Commotie like ‘the keyboard’. 
  • Social Activities Committee: The Social Activities Committee organises all monthly socials, introduction activities and the Active Members Weekend (AMW). The monthly socials take place in ’t Golden Fust. Most of the time, the committee chooses a theme or organizes an activity (like beer pong) during the social. Furthermore, the committee organises the Active Members Weekend (AMW), that all active members can participate and the introduction weekend and new CIS-student activity. These last two activities are meant for new CIS students (bachelor, pre-master and master) to meet each other and get to know each other. 
  • Study Committee*: The Study Committee organises six interesting lectures and informative workshops in the academic year. They provide contact with potential speakers for lectures and arrange people who will give us a workshop. The committee provides the subjects for common ground with the field of communication. As a result, these activities are in line with the practice of our study field. Furthermore, they organise the Career Event together with the board. This is an event where former CIS students speak and talk about their work after the study CIS. 
  • Travel Committee:The Travel Committee organises the annual trip abroad. They choose a destination and arrange everything from activities to sleeping place. They arrange different interesting company visits, with a case study and tour through the company buildings, and a visit to the University at the place of destination. In addition, there are also activities organised by the Travel Committee that have nothing to do with communication to show the participants a foreign city in a fun way. Last years we went to Krakow, Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest and Dublin. 

For the committees with a * behind their names, it is unfortunately not possible for international members to apply for this committee. Because it is the first year as international association, we think it would be very hard (if not impossible) to organise all the activities (that these committees oranise) in English. Therefore, some of the activities of these committees will still be organized in Dutch. Therefore, we would not recommend international members to join this committee. Of course, if you really want to apply for one of these committees, you can always ask the board and we can discuss it.

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