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ActiviCee 2019-2020
Date and time
Nov 26, 2019 21:00 - 23:00
Unitas S.G.


On the 26th of November, it is time for Commotie's well known.... Beercantus! 

Do you like to drink (a lot) of beer? And do you like to sing songs till your voice disappears? Sign up for the beercantus!

The ActiviCee organizes this fun, yearly beercantus for all members of Commotie. The idea of a beercantus is basically to drink beer and sing songs. The different teams (or different tables) will battle against eachother to become the best singing table of the evening! And of course: the winner will get a beautiful price. 

More information:
Date: November 26th 
Time: 21:00 (Don't be late!!!)
Location: Unitas S.G. Schuitendiep 74
Price: max. 15 euros

Tip: wear old clothes because there is a chance that they will not stay very clean during the evening.... 

Are you not much of a beer drinker? Please contact the ActiviCee for the possibilities 

Do you want to take someone with you who is not a member of Commotie? Please contact the ActiviCee for the possibilities 

Note: this activity is for 18+ members only! 


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