Commotie Congress

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CongressCee 2022-2023
Date and time
May 30, 2023 16:30 - 21:00
De Kater

Commotie Congress

At the 30th of May the Commotie Congress of 2023 will take place! This year’s theme will be “WORK BEYOND BORDERS” and will be all about the communication in multinational companies. How can managers make sure that their (international) employees are well included? What can you do yourself to make communication run smoothly when you start working at an international company? This will all elaborately be discussed by our speakers that will soon be announced on our Instragam @commotie_congress

Walk-in will start at 16:30 at De Kater. Halfway the congress, we will also enjoy a delicious dinner and afterwards (from 21:00 on) we will have some drinks together. Maximum price will be €8,- for members and €9 for non-members. Non members can sign up via this form.

It is going to be very interesting and really fun, so mark your agenda’s and we will see you there!

Ps. The congress will start at 17:00, but if you have a lecture that end at 17:00 you can still join the congress!


NOTE: If you cannot make it for the please 'cancel the participation' in time, otherwise you will be charged the full price at the end of the month.

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