Student-Lecturer Activity: Online Escape Room


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Apr 19, 2021, 8:00:00 PM

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Date and time
Apr 20, 2021 19:30 - 21:00

Student-Lecturer Activity: Online Escape Room

Since the first student-lecturer activity was a great success and you still haven't had the chance to see your lecturers often in a non-educational environment, Commotie organises a second edition! On the 20th of April, at 19:30, it's time for the second student-lecturer activity! This time we will play an online escape room together, to get to know each other and our detective skills better!

In groups you will be looking for the real name of Mr X, who is taunting Commotie. Because of Mr X the board doesn't have access to the board room anymore, and we all have to work from home. Even though this is working out pretty well, Mr X is dangerous and has to be stopped! The first step to access to the boardroom is discovering Mr X's surname. The board is working on this, but wasn't able to figure it all out yet. That's why we need you! Can you help the board with this? 

Together with your team you have 1.5 hours to find out what Mr X's surname is. By the use of clues, hints, maps and help of the board you should be able to do this. Joining this activity is for free and is a perfect chance to have some fun with your lecturers outside the (online) classroom! Besides, the first team that detects the needed surname will win a prize, because Commotie would be forever grateful if you can help the board to get access to the boardroom again! What are you waiting for? You will a receive a link for this activity in your email on the day itself!



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