Running dinner


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AkCie 2017-2018
Date and time
Sep 24, 2018 19:00 - 22:00
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Running dinner

On September 24th, Commotie's Running Dinner takes place. An activity where you can get to know your fellow Commotianen (even) better. You can eat at home with them!

You have to choose a partner for this activity. You sign up yourself via the website, and sign up together as a cooking or eating couple. You have to send an email to to do this.

Everybody pays €10. The cooking couples provide a 3-course dinner at their home and each course they have different eaters. The opposite applies to the eating couples; they eat every course at another cooking couple.

So, do you want to show off your cooking skills or are you curious about what Commotianen eat most days and how they live? Then sign up quickly!

You can sign up until Friday, September 21st!


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