About 050media

We are 050media and Cookinglife, young, dynamic but also (somewhat) mature. Both companies come together to form one team consisting of marketeers, purchase strategists, developers, and staff in the customer service department, the warehouse and in our physical stores. We strive to be ambitious while still maintaining the Groningen no-nonsense approach.

Our growing team keeps itself busy in all areas that make online businesses thrive. We specialize in conversion optimization, web development, professional content and advertising, to name but a few. The more accessible and easily found a website is, the higher the number of visitors and purchase of products and services!

Our mission is to grow together, both within the company and in the working relationships we foster with our customers. Together, we tap into new opportunities that enrich the landscape of online marketing with innovative ideas. Individual input is not only appreciated, but highly encouraged. Unique ideas are the foundation we build on towards the future of online marketing.

We are looking for:

  • Content writer native French (the webpage is also available in French, click here)
  • Content writer native English

At 050media, we know the best way to help your digital platform reach its potential. Are you joining us on this adventure?