Puntenverdeling SAC

Study Active Certificate (SAC)

From October 2017, it is possible as (former) member of study association of Commotie to request a Study Active Certificate (SAC). This certificate is proof of being an active member of the study association Commotie besides following the programme Communication- and Information Studies (CIS). The certificate can be achieved by means of points, that can be earned in a committee year, board year, or by activities that you have participated. The certificate can be requested with retroactive effect, for example if you were a member of Commotie five years ago. The SAC can be requested when you have reached 25 points or more during your membership at the association and fulfil with the conditions. You can request the SAC by sending an email to: Mention in the email how many and in which year you have achieved points. The board will process your request as soon as possible and, after approval, send you the certificate. The certificate will be signed by the current chairman of Commotie and the Programme Coordinator (head of the programme) of CIS. More information about the conditions and the achievable points are in the Annex.

Are you still member of Commotie? And you don’t know exactly which activities you participated? Click on: ‘my profile’, ‘profile’. You can find ‘my groups’ and ‘my activities’. Here you can find which committees you were in and which activities you have participated. 

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