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The Shortlist 

Commotie has a career platform for its members: The Shortlist. With this career platform we want to help you with the transition from student to professional. If you are looking for your first job, an internship or traineeship, The Shortlist can link you to recruiters that are looking for new talents!

The Shortlist helps finding the right job for you. There are various assessments you can do that show your personality, what motivates you and what you think is important in your work. All together, this makes clear what kind of job would fit you. Besides, there are 101 competences you can train by playing serious games which are offered on the platform. We hope that with this information you gained about yourself you can make a choice which job fits you best.

Commotie will add companies to the platform who offer jobs in the field of communication. This way, partner-recruiters can contact you as a member of the Commotie pool. Get your account and discover what The Shortlist can offer you! The more members subscribe to The Shortlist, the more companies we can add to our pool to offer the best career possibilities.

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