6th Lustrum of Commotie

The lustrum will take place from 16 to 20 December 2019! The theme of our lustrum week is Iconic. 

We presented our theme on the social of February with the video on the right. Make sure to give it a like!

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Club of 30

Do you want to support the 6th Lustrum of Commotie? Join the club of 30! 

During the Lustrum week, we will celebrate the 30th birthday of our study association. We will have several events, from study related events such as a big symposium to social events. You can support the lustrum by donating money and ask your friends and family to do the same. With your money we can make the lustrum even more Iconic. If you decide to donate, this will be a one-time contribution.

Lustrum Pre-Party

On Thursday November 21st the LustrumCee will organize the Lustrum Pre-Party! During the party at Billie Jean, the LustrumCee will inform you all about the program of the Lustrum Week that will take place from the 16th of December till the 20th of December. During this week we will celebrate that Commotie is 30 years old with fun, informative and exciting activities. During the Pre-Party you will get a glimpse on what the LustrumCee has in store for you. You really don’t want to miss this!

Besides that, they will also announce the Lustrum Merchandise Line! So be sure to join the LustrumCee at this Iconic event!! 

The day after the Pre-Party, on the 22nd of November, the tickets for the Lustrum Week will officially go on sale. More information about the ticket sale will be provided at the Pre-Party.

Join the LustrumCee the 21st of November at Billie Jean for some nice drinks and an informative and fun night to kickstart our Lustrum. On this evening the LustrumCee will also release the Lustrum Song, another reason why you cannot miss the Pre-Party!