6th Lustrum of Commotie

The lustrum will take place from 16 to 20 December 2019! The theme of our lustrum week is Iconic. 

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Club of 30

Do you want to support the 6th Lustrum of Commotie? Join the club of 30! 

During the Lustrum week, we will celebrate the 30th birthday of our study association. We will have several events, from study related events such as a big symposium to social events. You can support the lustrum by donating money and ask your friends and family to do the same. With your money we can make the lustrum even more Iconic. If you decide to donate, this will be a one-time contribution.

Commotie Lustrum 2013

As the president of the former Lustrum committee, I was asked to reflect on the ‘Iconic’-moments of the SV Commotie Lustrum of 2013. Naturally, I consulted my committee members if they could remember any iconic moments from our time organizing the previous Lustrum. Various things came up, both from organizing the week and of the week itself. 

Most importantly, we got introduced to Ina Strating. Ina Strating is a veteran in crisis communication and all-around communication professional. However, what was most iconic about Ina is how she kept repeating to us that she could have been our mother. A strange, but nonetheless true observation. 

Next to that, organizing such a week takes a big toll on your sleep and ability to recover quickly after a night of ‘organizing’ and ‘networking’. Leading to the ‘iconic’ moment that Job (one of my committee members) used the shower next to the Commotie office before the last activity of our week, the brunch, to actually take a shower and freshen up. 

But most of all, it was iconic how we got to grow from a committee to almost a family. With a mother, father, crazy uncle and hyperactive kids. I look back on it very fondly, and I will always cherish the times we had organizing and doing the Lustrum of SA Commotie in 2013.

Stijn Bergman

Lustrum committee 2013

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