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What to do when you're bored? 

April 7

10 Tips from the board!

Are you done scrolling through your Instagram timeline? Do you need a break in between studying? I have some tips for you based on what I like to do when I'm bored these days: 

  1. Read a book. This is something I usually don't make time for, but it is a nice way to reduce your screen time now we have to stay at home!
  2. Listen to a podcast. Have you listened to the Commotie-podcast by our own Media Committee already?
  3. Make a puzzle. I really liked to puzzle when I was a little kid and I have to admit that I forgot how satisfying it can be when you finish the last piece of a puzzle... 
  4. Go for a walk (or run). The weather is becoming nicer and the sun is shining more. Perfect circumstances to go for a run, as long as you go on your own and keep distance from others, of course.
  5. Do a workout at home. The gyms are closed but this isn't a reason to do nothing. I often try out new workouts via YouTube, the opportunities are endless! 
  6. Sort out your wardrobe. So there is room for new clothes when we're allowed to go shopping again!
  7. Send a postcard to you family. Now that you can't visit your grandparents, this is a nice way to let them know you're thinking of them.
  8. Try out a new recipe. I'm sure your family or roommates will be happy with this as well!
  9. FaceWine with friends. A great initiative I saw on Facebook: "An activity in which individuals come together via video call to drink wine".
  10. Join online Commotie activities. Test your general knowlegde during the 30 Seconds tournament on the 16th of April!

Update: April 3

Dear members,

since our activities are cancelled until the 1st of June, we've been thinking of what we can still offer you. Besides our online board room hours, you can expect some online activities in the coming months. 

Online 30 Seconds tournament 

On the 16th of April, the ActiviCee will host an online 30 seconds tournament via the app Houseparty. You will compete in teams of two players. One player must guess a word from their teammate's explanation, with the aim to guess as many possible answers in 30 seconds. The winning team will get two 10 euro vouchers for Bol.com!

You can sign up in duos here

Online social

On April 28, the SoCee will be organizing an online social. Make sure you'll have some beers or other drinks at home, so it hopefully will feel similar to our regluar socials in 't Golden Fust! More practical information will follow soon. 


Are you busy studying for your resits or exams and could you use some help? Your fellow Commotie members have written a lot of summaries that can help you studying for a course. 

Check the summaries here.

Are you struggling with online exams or courses? Please tell us so we can see what we can do for you! Send an email to board@svcommotie.nl.

Any questions, concerns or complaints about the situation in general? You can always contact us and we will try to help you as good as possible. 

Kind regards,

The 31st Board

Update: March 23


Dear members,

due to measures of the Dutch government and the University of Groningen, we are forced to cancel all our activities until the 1st of June. Should the government or the university relax their measures, we do not rule out that certain activities will be reintroduced. Ofcourse, this depends on the developments regarding the Coronavirus and we will keep you informed about this. 

What can we do now?

Besides staying at home as much as possible, of course.
We came up with some possibilities for online activities. First of all, we want to let you know that we will do online boardroom hours! Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 12:00 to 14:00 you can meet us via Houseparty. You can find this app in Google Play Store or the App Store! You can add us via the following user names:

  • Avin: avinghafor
  • Nena: nenaxwillemsen
  • Nicole: nicolettarm
  • Chantal: chantal_buursema

Furthermore, we have scheduled our first online activity! Next Wednesday, April 1st, we will host a long distance movie night with Netflix Party! Keep an eye on our Instagram Stories, because you can vote which movie we will watch together! 

Do you think you will still be bored? Next week we will also start a challenge among our members via our Instagram Stories. Stay tuned... 

Do you have any concerns or questions about the situation, or do you want to talk about something completely different than the Coronavirus? You can always contact us! We want to let you know that we are "here" for you during these bizarre days. 

Besides, we are always open for suggestions so please contact us if you have any ideas for online activities! 


The 31st Board

Update: March 23


Dear members,

unfortunately the Coronavirus-situation has become worse in the past week. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that all trips abroad should only continue when necessary. Besides, Spain and other countries within Europe are in a lockdown. This, ofcourse, has consequences for our trip to Valencia and the Hitchhike weekend. 

Hitchhike weekend (April 17, 18, 19)

Due to the measures concerning the Coronavirus, we are forced to cancel the Hitchhiking Competition. The committee responsible for this activity is in contact with the hostel and will inform the participants as soon as they have more information about the costs for the weekend. 

If you have any questions regarding this activity, feel free to contact the committee via activicee@svcommotie.nl 

Trip abroad to Valencia (May 6 to 11) 

The trip abroad to Valencia is unfortunately no longer feasible, since we don't expect the situation in Spain to be resolved within a few weeks. We consider your and our own health the most important and have therefore made the decision to cancel the trip. 

Right now we are looking at the possibilities to rebook the trip to next year's dates, but at the moment we have no certainty that this will work out. Both the committee and the board are trying everything they can to reduce the costs for the participants. At the moment it seems that all participants may be charged for one of the flight tickets and/or the hostel. The reason for this is that not all costs already made will be refunded by the companies and of course Commotie itself can't pay for all costs on its own. We will inform you as soon as there is more clarity about this. 

Next year (2021), the current participants will have an earlier possibility to indicate if they want to join the trip abroad to Valencia. Only after the committee has heard from you whether you want to join the trip or not, the registration will open for other members.

If you have any questions regarding this activity, feel free to contact the committee via travelcee@svcommotie.nl

Update: March 15

Dear members,

Due to the policy around the Coronavirus from the RUG, we have decided to cancel all our activities until the 15th of April 2020. We as the board do not want to put the health of our members and ourselves in danger, which means all activities with less than 100 participants are cancelled as well. 

We’re very sorry and we hope the inconveniences will be over very soon. If you have any concerns regarding the Coronavirus feel free to contact the board. You can also check the RUG website for more information and updates around the virus. 

The following activities have been cancelled so far:

  • Boardroom hours, every Tuesday and Thursday 
  • In-house day at NOS and Beeld&Geluid on March 13th 
  • Latin Night: Bachata workshop on March 16th
  • Career Event on March 17th 
  • Alphabet Party on March 19th 

In the meantime we are busy discussing the situation regarding our Hitchhike weekend and our Trip abroad to Valencia. We are in contact with both committees who are responsible for these events and we will update the participants as soon as we know more about the situation and the guidelines for travelling to these countries. 

If you have any concerns about Hitchhike weekend or the Trip abroad, feel free to contact us. 

For now, stay safe and please try to avoid social contacts as much as possible.
Kind regards,

The 31st Board of Commotie