Designers 2018-2019

Anne Ruth Alberts (2014) Designer
Joyce Doldersum (2016) Designer
Marc van Eck (2014) Designer
Sanne Heitkamp (2014) Designer
Daniël Houben (2017) Designer
Boudicca Meerman (2015) Designer
Bridget Soer (2015) Designer
Floor Visser (2015) Designer
Laura de Wilde (2016) Designer

Group of designers

Our group of designers ensures that promotion materials such as flyers, posters, logos and stickers for activities are made. They also help with the design of the Almanac and the Comment and they make after-movies for the trip abroad and Hitchhike weekend.

Do you have a request for promotion material for one of your committee’s activities? Contact Chiel Visser via Whatsapp or email to: internalaffairs@svcommotie.n

Are you good with programs like InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and are you not a designer of Commotie yet? Send an email to and discover what the possibilities are. Our group of designers are considered as Active Members!

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