Almanac Committee (AlmanakCie)

v.l.n.r.: Gelbrich Metselaar, Melissa Walraven, Bente Moester, Marjella Wienia, Simone Lieftink
Almanac Committee (AlmanakCie)

The Almanac Committee takes care of the Almanac, a yearbook, of Commotie every year. The members of this committee hold interviews, write articles and collect stories from committees, brother and sister associations. They are also involved in the design of this beautiful book and they make sure that every member of Commotie has memories of that academic year. In the member overview there is an overview of all members of Commotie. Furthermore, there are statistics in the book that show the opinions of the members and everything that is going on within Commotie.

AlmanakCie 2017-2018

Melissa Walraven (2016) Voorzitter
Bente Moester (2017) Secretaris / Vice-Voorzitter
Simone Lieftink (2016) Penningmeester / Hoofd Sponsoring
Marjella Wienia (2016) Hoofd Sponsoring / Smoelenboek

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