Activities Committee (AkCie)

v.l.n.r.: Bastiaan Flohr, Marieke Veldhoen, Jessica Paas, Sanne Heitkamp, Annick Werners, Max Koers, Tamara Notten

Activities Committee (AkCie)

The AkCie is the Activities Committee and organises major social activities. The committee organises 7 activities during the academic year. In recent years, for example, a cocktail workshop, a pole dance workshop, lasergaming and a  trampoline activity took place. Furthermore, the AkCie organises a pubquiz together with study associations TW!ST (from Linguistics) and ZaZa (from Dutch language and culture).

One of the major activities of the AkCie is the Hitchhike Weekend. This weekend takes place in May. In couples, many Commotie members hitchhike to a city in Europe. In recent years, for example, we have visited Frankfurt, Bruges and Ghent.

AkCie 2017-2018

Sanne Heitkamp (2014) Voorzitter
Tamara Notten (2015) Penningmeester / Vice-voorzitter
Marieke Veldhoen (2017) Secretaris
Annick Werners (2013) Hoofd Liftwedstrijd
Jessica Paas (2015) Hoofd Liftwedstrijd
Bridget Soer (2015) -
Bastiaan Flohr (2015) Hoofd Activiteiten

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