Jeu de Boules


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ActiviCee 2019-2020
Date and time
Dec 11, 2019 20:30 - 21:30
Nieuwe Ebbinge straat 163

Jeu de Boules

After the amazing beercantus, it is almost time for the second activity of the ActiviCee 19-20: we’re going to play jeu de boules!
The game ‘jeu de boules’, or Pétanque, is a typical French ballgame. The rules of the game are very easy and will be explained to you. Together with a team, you will compete with other teams to be the best boules-team of the evening! 

We are going to play this game at BOEL, a jeu-de-boulesbar in Groningen. Besides playing boules together, we will have some drinks and of course a lot of fun! 
The costs for this evening are 3 euros, whereof you will get one drink for free

Start: 20:30 (you have to be present at 20:15)
Location: BOEL, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 163


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